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Monday, November 17, 2014

How Does Time Fly By So Quickly?

How does time fly by so quickly? I was just writing out the November calendar for all the posts that needed to get done for my blog this month because I want to go out with a BANG- & here we are, it's the 17th & I'm 13 days behind on my 31 day of Thankfulness & 17 days behind on #BlogLikeCrazy- Which I loved doing last year. SO.... what to do.. give up? naaaa----- Luckily my thankfulness post were scheduled out to the 19th so I can just write them up and edit real quick,cause I already know what I am going to be writing about and #BlogLikeCrazy is topic related so I'm good there- now I just need to write, write like a crazy women. 

Sorry for my absence, other sites needed my full attention & I wasn't feeling well, and all us wives and mothers know, that when we're not feeling well, nothing gets done & the house looks like a hurricane hit just it. 

Have a great week, check back in- I'll have a lot for you to read :) 

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