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Monday, November 3, 2014

{Thankful} The Love of My Life

     Day 3 – My husband, he’s my high school sweetheart. I met him at 15 years old {gawsh, I’m 28 now, WOW} he was 16, and that was it. We were madly in love and became your typical “high school sweetheart” couple. I was the good girl, him the bad boy, mommy & daddy don’t like him, I don’t care – you know that whole story, and then here came a baby. We have been through more than I could write about , but we have always stood by each other’s side and had each other’s back.
He is my rock! We have grown up together and built our life from literally the ground up. He is the hardest working man and greatest father I know to our children. He makes sure we are all taken care of and that I am able to be here for our children for everything. I’m even more thankful for him, since we have made the decision to homeschool our children because without him having the amazing mind and incredible drive he has, I would not be able to be here for what my children need most. He’s my everything.

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