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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 things your Kids should Know about You - Day 2 - Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Driving - I am terrified of Driving. I know right, some people think that is so weird  because I am 27 years old and still do not drive. I do not even have a license. I am not sure what exactly prompted this fear in me, but I did find out my Memaw did not drive until she was in her fifties, this will probably be me { just kidding}.

2. Being Kidnapped - I watch too many scary movies and shows... I think one of the scariest things in the world is to think that you could ever me kidnapped, or your kids being kidnapped. I am very thankful I live in a very small town, in the country, on a dead in street. I just couldn't imagine the wonder and unknowing of my self being kid

3. Natural Disasters - Now yes we do live in South AL on the gulf coast, and every year we deal with Hurricanes from June 1- December 1. Even though they are devastating, living her my whole life we have always dealt with them. I pray that we are always protected from the storms. I have however lost everything from a Hurricane. Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 took everything, we lost our home and everything that we had not taken with us. Even though I really don't mind hurricanes, the aftermath is what really is the worse part of it. I am beyond terrified of Tornado's and Earthquakes though. 

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