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Friday, April 11, 2014

30 Things your Kids Should Know About You - Day 11- Describe 10 Pet Peeves you Have

10 Pet Peeves, well... I'm glad there's a limit on them cause this list could get long. :)

1. Liars - There is no need to lie. Just be honest, it will go a lot further and you don't have to risk loosing the trust of the person you are lying to. It's easier for someone to get over the hurt of the truth then gain the trust back from a lie. 

2. Stealing- I am a firm believe that if there is something you NEED {Food, Clothes,Money,etc., then ask for it and you shall receive. Nothing comes from taking something that isn't yours except trouble. 

3. Laziness- Hard Work pays off if the truest statements to have a successful life. If you always remember that, you are sure to go far. However, not everybody in your life or that you meet will think the same way and will think that it is okay to not work hard for their lives and what they want.

4. Not doing what you say you are going to- I have always been told to do what I say I am going to do and I follow through with that. If I say I am going to do something, it will get done. I don’t like or think it is okay to say you are going to do something and then not do it. It looks bad on you and it can effect other people, which in those situations makes you selfish.

5. Selfishness – I am not a selfish person, unless it concern or effects my family, then my decision may be selfish. However what I mean, is people who only care about themselves, their wants, their needs, their lives. It’s always all about me, me, me.... and that will get you no where in with anyone, in this world or with me.

6. Being Late – I do not like to be late and so I guess I expect everyone else to feel that way, when it comes down to a time crunch I tend to get very impatient and rushed if I am running late, but I don’t understand someone that is constantly late and it makes it very hard to rely on someone who is always late.

7. Rudeness – Don’t be rude! Rudeness looks so ugly on people. I understand people get aggravated with the older lady working behind the register who is taking 15 minutes just to ring up the 2 people in front of you, but you don’t have to be rude. People forget that everyone has a life, a story, a problem etc. Everyone is fighting their own battles, if everyone would always remember that, their would be no rudeness, but there is no need to say something to her about going a little faster or saying anything at all except hello, and how are you today with a smile on your face. {that was just an example, but turned into rambling, sorry} Rude has seemed to become the norm in today’s society, instead of having manners and being respectful.

**There are also those little pet peeves that we all have

8. For whatever reason the island in my kitchen is a “catch all”. It catches all the stuff the kids bring in, catches all the empty wrappers from snacks, all the empty cans of soda or bottle water, all my husband’s stuff, and trash – the trash can is like 2 ft from the island- I absolutely cannot stand for anything except the centerpiece to be on my counters.

9.  My husband to do certain stuff around the house– like the dishes or cook… I know that sounds weird but I do not like for my husband to do certain chores around the house. I am a housewife, those are my job and I don’t like when he does them. I have no idea why, it just erks me…

10. A smelly house – buy a candle! I cannot stand a house to smell, or to smell stale … I always have candles or candles lit and I absolutely love the smell of all candles. For whatever reason I cannot stand a house that just smells stale or like no one has been there… It needs a smell in the air, whether it is that just bleached smell or the smell of the tropical beach at sunset wax cubes in your wax burner, your house should smell good and candles {even non scented} will instantly make your house homier. 

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