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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up - Chore Charts for the Kids

     My kids love chores and do them with no fussing, crying, or whining and do them perfectly each and every time, said no mom ever!! If your kids are like mine they absolutely hate chores, even if it's the same and only few chores that they have ever had to do their entire life {well since they were able to do chores lol} I finally had enough of dealing with the constant begging, pleading, and bargaining to do them.

     I of course went to my favorite website in the world PINTEREST and started looking up chore charts because I wanted to start the kids on something small. They are only 9 & 6. This is going to be their first Allowance and I wanted it to be something simple for them. I was so pleased when I found these Chore Charts at, they are not only cute but they are also very simple for them plus they get to use STICKERS {something to put all those stickers on that they have everywhere else}.

     I gave my kids their own chores. There are specific things they each do and then some things they do together. I also added on there;
-Listen and Follows Directions 
-Controls Behavior and Attitude {my son}
-No Whining or Yelling, Be a Big Girl {my daughter}

I think these are going to be great for them as starter Chore Charts. They also are receiving a starter Allowance amount to help them learn about money and the importance of it. I want my kids to learn the importance about money, spending, and saving young and also that it "don't grow on trees". 

Get your own chore chart here:

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