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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Travel with Colleen Kelly - Filming

Many of you saw that last week the kids and I did some filming for a television show. I was so excited when I heard about this wonderful opportunity from my friend Lynsey at Moscato Mom and even more excited when I received the email saying we were going to join them for a special day in Pensacola, FL. Now many of you know I live on the gulf coast of Alabama, but what you may not know is that is that my town is right on the AL/FL state line, and I born & raised in Pensacola. If you have never been to Pensacola, FL it is definitely a place to add to your travel list, and may I recommend coming during Spring/Summer time.

The show that the kids and I got to film with was Family Travel with Colleen Kelly! Family Travel is a show hosted by Colleen, where her and her family travel to different places all over the U.S. and Abroad to find activities that are fun, family oriented, memory making, and easy to plan, because she shows and tells you all about it in each episode. Visit Family Travel with Colleen Kelly to watch some of last seasons episodes. Season 2 will be here soon!

It was so much fun. I was very nervous at first of how the kids were going to act or like it, if my princess was going to be a diva or shy, and just the normal nervousness of were filming a television show. ahhh... When we got there all the butterflies in mine and the kids stomachs went away. 
We were a little early because I wanted to make sure I was in the right spot, and not late. When we got there Colleen, her children, and the crew had just arrived and I wanted to give them a chance to get unloaded and wait till the meeting time. We were warmly greeted by the producer and met the rest of the cast, Colleen, and her beautiful daughters. The kids were really excited and played checkers while we waited, I got my mic on, and they filmed some different shots, like the family walking and a segway tour came by. The kids were impressed with the segways, and wanted to ride one. I always am too, but know I would fall off if I tried, I would be that person.

After the film crew got a few additional shots we were ready to start the tour. We did a tour of Historic Downtown Pensacola Village. I went on this tour when I was child and had been in the Historic Museum several different times for weddings, but I had forgot it was available, or I would have already taken the kids to do the tour, I'm glad I didn't though because it was extra special to do it with Colleen and her girls. Our tour guide, Kimberly was great. 

The kids got to try a few different activities and "chores" that the children did back in older days, take a look at the way a house looked and how families lived, and also play a game that was well known among the children. The game was called Quoits. It's like horseshoes but they would make rings and throw them over a stake in the ground. The kids tried it out, it was older siblings against younger siblings, I must say the older siblings did make quite a few "ringers". The younger ones tried hard too though. 

The kids also learned a lot about what it is like to make a television show or movies. We had to do some of the same things a couple of different times to make sure they got the right shot. I don't think the kids realized how much work went into making a television show. They really loved seeing all the behind the scenes, the cameras, the audio, directors, producers, etc

I want to personally thank everyone at Family Travel with Colleen Kelly and Colleen for such a wonderful day, an experience that my children may have never got, and wonderful memories we made together and with all of you. My son even said he bragged a little bit at school about the show, they can't wait to see it! I will let everyone know when it is scheduled to air!! 


Mary Hill said...

Wow. Congrats on the opportunity. We will have to put Pensacola on our list of destinations.:)

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

I also grew up in Pensacola and now live on the Alabama side of the line. How nice you got to go back over to Pensacola for a fun day.

Raised Southern said...

Thank Y'all! It was a lot of fun and everyone was great! Mary, Pensacola is absolutely a place to add to your destination list. It is a beautiful town with a lot to do.
Fairhope Supply Co. I enjoy taking the kids over there to my hometown. I have family that live over there but it's nice to visit and do the stuff I did as a child!
Hope you both have a great week.