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Thursday, April 10, 2014

30 Things your Kids should know about You - Day 10- Describe your mostEmbarrassing Moment

I guess I can say I am lucky that at this current time in my life I really don't have a "most embarrassing moment" and I hope I will never have one {knock on wood} I do have a moment in High School though that I was embarrassed about it, and it's not your normal embarrassing high school story and some will say, "awe that was sweet" and it was, but still was embarrassing.

It was my chorus performance in high school, one of our two shows we do throughout the year and we of course sing a lot of songs. I'm not sure if this was our Disney Performance or our Music throughout History Performance. At the end of our performance after the crowd had silenced from their roaring claps and standing ovations I suddenly hear, plan as day, "I LOVE YOU KARI" Yes that was that man up there ^^ in the picture, my now husband. He shouted to the "world" which at that time was our high school, that he loved me! I was embarrassed because it was a huge crowd and everyone knew who it was and that it was me he was talking about! It makes my heart happy to think about our memories like that. 

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