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Monday, April 7, 2014

30 things your kids should know about you- Day 7 - What is your Dream Job and Why?

My dream job has changed from what it once was to what it is now that I have a family and we have built a life. 

My dream job once was to be a Criminal Psychologist and work with troubled juveniles. I wanted to help them through the time they are going through and help them to try and see the good in themselves and all that they can be. I feel that juveniles once they get in trouble as a teenager are just "marked" and forgot about and everyone looks at the ones that are doing well. I think that the child acting out, even if just for attention, is the child that needs the most. 

That once was my dream job and I did work towards that even after I had my son. We had our son at 17 and 18 years old and were married when we were 18 and 19. I started college right after my son was born and started working hard towards my paralegal degree. I wanted to obtain that and get in the field and further my education from there to Criminal Justice and on to become a Criminal Psychologist. After 2 years of working towards my degree I decided to change my major and just go for Criminal Justice, this was when I got pregnant with my daughter. There was no time to wait because I now had two little ones depending on us and we both needed careers. 

After working for two additional years on my Criminal Justice degree of a 4 year program, I realized that even though this is what I would love to do, maybe it is just not a fit for my family right now. My children would be at the age of baseball games, cheer leading competitions, field trips and dance recitals and I wouldn't be able to be apart of those because I was trying to build my career. I found something that I could I guess you say "settle" with but also interested me and would be exactly what I and my family needed for me to have a job/career and to be at home where I want to be. I'm obtaining my certificate in Medical Transcription.

However that is not my dream job, that will just be what pays the bills while I continue to build my brand and work my dream job. My dream job is to be able to be at home and have a successful brand and blog. I know several bloggers that have a six figure income just based on their blogs and brands. They have amazing blogs that are their passions and give them the ability to be at home and there for everything important to them and their family. I want to build Raised Southern to be a great blog and community for other women and also a wonderful Brand of homemade southern goods. 

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