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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

St.Patricks Day Snacks to Share at School

My children love taken gifts and treats to all their friends at school. Even though we home school this is a great treat to take to co-op or even just to make for friends and family. Plus kids love giving things to people and these are great yummy treats. 

Can't forget to let your teacher know how lucky you are have him/her. You can really make any treat you like for this one and just make a fun little tag to show your appreciation. 

Everyone wants a rainbow with gold at the end, right? I think so but since that hasn't happened to me yet, these will do. These are the cutest and everyone would be excited to have these sweet treats. Plus they are really simple to make. The kids could make these with minimal help and we all know as parents, our kids love doing anything they can do all by themselves.

Wanna know my favorite cereal? You guessed it Lucky Charms, and St. Patricks Day is a fun day to share these with this cute little bag topper. {Which I love to design these, they are so much fun} 

Looking for a different rainbow with a pot of gold at the end? Here are skittles with the delicious Hersheys Chocolate at the end, instead of the fruit slices, marshmallows, and Rolos as above. I think these are both cute ways to share St. Patricks Day with all your classmates, friends, and family.

Here is a rainbow that is a little different but just as adorable as the other treats to share at school. 
     It is always fun to make and do things for others, and St. Patricks Day gives you a reason to make a special treat for your son or daughters class or if you home school, for your co-op or family and friends. Just a nice little treat to brighten up someones day. 

Hope you have a great week! 

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