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Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Ideas

Whether you home school or your child goes to public school I have some great ideas for both for their lunches on St. Patrick's Day since it is a Tuesday. There is also some great ideas to use for the week before St. Patrick's Day. 

My daughter sometimes takes her lunch and sometimes she eats lunch at school it just all depends on what they are having. I'm going to start using these this next week for her. St. Patrick's Day Jokes

I shared this earlier in the week but it was a different type of Rainbow Bread. here is a great one I would love to try too because how is rainbow bread not fun and cool?

Southern Plate  is helping us add a little green to our little ones lunches.

One thing that when I learned how to do I thought, Why did my mom never do this for me, dyed noodles. If you follow me you know that we made Birthday Spaghetti and dyed the noodles three different colors. You can do this for St. Patrick's Day too, enjoy any type of pasta you would like and these fun green noodles.

Maybe a quick and easy lunch is what you need and this is a fun way to sneak a little veggies in if your little one isn't a fan and have a Leprechaun Grilled Cheese from MOMables

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