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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Cleaning- Cleaning Tips

Okay, I guess there is something other then allergies that I hate about Spring, Spring Cleaning. I love how clean my house is {or feels} when I Spring Clean but I hate the actual act of having to deep clean. Along with my Spring Series I figured I should add a little Spring Cleaning into it. We all have different homes and different things that may need to be "deep cleaned", and then there are those places you tend to miss. In this round-up you will have everything you need to get started on your home and maybe even learn a new cleaning tip to help you keep the work part of Spring Cleaning minimal. Feel free to share any tips you have that could help us out! Add your tip or link to your post in a comment! We would love to share with our readers! 

This is a great checklist to help you get started with your Spring Cleaning! She also includes a list for daily, weekly, and monthly chores to help keep the house clean all year long!

When I am on Pinterest I have a lot of a'ha moments, especially when I'm looking at cleaning tips or cooking tips. Ya know those moments where you think, "why didn't I think of that?" sorta thing. This is one of those cleaning tips that made me do that. For the most part my baseboards stay clean longer then if I would have just wiped them. 

Don't ya just love infographics? This is a great one especially since we are talking all about Spring Cleaning and the personal and financial benefits. 

I really need to do this about once a month! It seems that I only remember to clean it when I notice that the dishes aren't getting clean properly... sad, i know- but really the last thing on my mind is also cleaning the dish washer - I hate dishes...

This is another appliance I seem to forget all about needed to be cleaned.. The Washing Machine, here are some instructions you may need. 

I've ruined several pillows by not cleaning or drying them properly. Here are some tips on how you can clean and dry your pillows.

& ever wondered how to clean your blinds easier then wiping each one individually? This is it... another a'ha moment! :) 


Emily Merrell said...

Even though my husband doesn't want to, we are going to start spring cleaning this weekend. There is something about making your home look clean that makes me so excited. I'm so glad that I was able to find these tips. This will really make cleaning the kitchen so much easier.

Raised Southern said...

Emily, I complete agree there is something about making your home clean that is exciting! I love a clean house, even though my husband and kids feel the different and love a messy one. Glad these tips could help, hopefully they will motivate your husband too, tell him get in there and help me get my hands dirty :) Have a great week & Spring Cleaning weekend!

Felicity Sanderson said...

Kari, this was such an amazing array of "a'ha" moments that you discovered for effectively cleaning your house! The info-graphics were absolutely marvelous to see how you can save money while keeping your house as clean as ever. Have you heard the saying, "a clean house is a happy wife?" Anyway, I've really learned a lot by reading your tips. I'm going to have a lot of fun with spring cleaning this season with some new ideas to work with. Thanks!