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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Desserts & Treats

      Besides great weather, beautiful plants and flowers there are delicious Spring desserts and treats. We tend to eat different foods during different seasons, not just cause it's whats fresh and in season but its also what goes with the season like Apples & Cinnamon during the fall and Strawberries and Lemon during Spring, oh and peaches you can not forget peaches{even though it's a spring and summer food}. I love to cook and have already started meal planning a few dishes I would like to make, but first I wanted to share some desserts with y'all. The ones with the * next to them are also on my meal planning list. Hope you all enjoy and please come back and share with us your dessert.
     I always like to put my favorite or one I want to try out first on top so here it is, these beautiful cupcakes.

*There was not a link back to the original source for these beautiful cupcakes but if you find it please post in comments and I will update it! These cupcakes are apart of my meal plan in the next couple of weeks with full instructions. For now, get creative and DIY! 

*Rustic Strawberry & Peach Tart - No explanation necessary - Just take a look at it.

*& these Chocolate Covered Pretzels look absolutely scrumptious. I think the best part about spring are all the beautiful colors. Plus, the kids will love these treats, just as much, if not more then decorating them.

This cake is great for any Spring party you may be planning, even a wedding shower because wedding season is coming up.
& here is the dish you have been looking for to take to your first cook out.

* The first chance I get to pick up this stuff from the grocery story I plan to. These Spring Cookies will be great for a surprise afternoon snack for the little ones, church on Sunday, or any Spring activity you may be attending soon.

This is another one of those desserts that needs no explanation you just need to hear the name and you can taste it - Lemon Blackberry Cheesecake 

or maybe you would prefer to just have Lemon Gooey Bars

Here is one for the kids but us adults are sure to be sneaking them just like the kidos are.
Pretzel M&M Blondies
Strawberry Hand Pies - or you can make these really any flavor you want but I think Strawberry is perfect for Spring, honestly I think strawberries are perfect any time of year. 

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