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Thursday, March 5, 2015

{The Scott Life}

Making : Working on T-shirts with Heat Transfer vinyl! This is my first time using it so if you can remember your first time using it then you should understand my excitement. 
Cooking : I have been sick all week so I'm kinda excited to cook tonight - not go clean the kitchen first - but cooking yes. We're going to have Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, & Biscuits. Homemade, Yes, of course! 
Drinking : Gatorade, I want to keep feeling good so I can get back on track working out and being healthy!
Reading: Blogs, trying to get caught up on the week for everything. 
Wanting: - still a magical wand that will allow me to wave it and it will do the laundry, bathrooms, kitchen , & floors- I'll take care of everything else. 
Looking: Looking for a good price on a bulk buy of tumblers.
Playing: No games, no time for games currently. Maybe a family board game tonight will be played.
Wasting: time currently, I'm not ready to start cleaning so I figured I would knock a few things off my blog to do list from earlier this week. 
Sewing/Cutting: I added cutting to this because I have a Silhouette and currently I'm cutting vinyl for projects more then I am sewing.. I need more of me. 
Wishing: Everything was truly able to be organized perfectly all the time and run smoothly all the time. :) Only in a perfect world. 
Enjoying: feeling better!! I'm so happy to be feeling better! 
Waiting: for everyone to come home. I absolutely love when all my family is home. 
Liking: The warm weather that is coming sporadically, I just really wish it would stay.
Wondering: When the warm weather is going to stay, this southern girl is ready for sun, sand, & the beach! 
Loving: How great things are rolling and going. Little consistent steps end up being big steps. 
Hoping: for everything that we have build and are building within our life, our family, for our future, with our careers, just everything continues on the path that we are on. 
Needing: a stronger stomach - we are teaching the lungs in home school and well he decided he wanted to see live lungs - check out the new YouTube Kids app, it's awesome but he is currently checking out the lungs and my stomach is too weak to handle all that.
Smelling: NOTHING - ^^ lol thank goodness, weak stomach and bad smells would not be a good combo.
Wearing: I was beginning to break out the tank tops and shorts but today it's back to hoodies and pants. 
Following: nothing currently - just trying to keep up with my self. 
Noticing: How much I wish I had a cloning system .. or double the time in the day. Even though the day is full of productiveness, not everything gets done. 
Knowing: Hard Consistent work will get what needs to be done, done and all the rest will eventually get done if we stay on top of it. 
Thinking: We can do it all... why not?
Feeling: extremely positive 
Bookmarking: this post :) 
Opening: Emails in just a second before I start cleaning and preparing for the evening.

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste for your  blog!
Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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