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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Drinks

     Beautiful Weather, Crafts, Desserts & of course you have to have Drinks! Here are some yummy ones everyone is going to enjoy! I love doing these round-ups for all of you because it not only gets ideas together for y'all in one spot but I also discover some new recipes to add to my recipe box. As always on our Round-ups please share your very own Spring Drink posts in a comment so we can further share them with our readers. I love to write and that use to be my first and favorite thing about blogging but the longer and longer that I blog the more I find the best part about blogging is connecting with all of you! Enjoy these yummy Spring Drinks!

Southern Sweet Strawberry Tea {Kid Friendly} - I'm southern and I love Sweet Teas & Strawberries and there is only one other drink that I can consider the best like this one and that's Peach Tea - Here is a great recipe for this yummy tea.

As you know Strawberry Lemonade is my perfect Spring fruit mixture so this is great for those warm sunny beach Spring days!
Strawberry Lemonade Slurpee {Kid Friendly}

Spring Sangria {For 21+ Only} I don't think there is any explanation needed for this, and I'm sure the only definition will need to be Y-U-M.

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade - This is a perfect addition to your picnic, afternoon at the park, or of course a beach/rive/lake day! A yummy refreshing drink to cool you and the kidos off, just be sure to make plenty because you will want more.

Peach Lemonade {Easy Adult 21+ Kids Version} I absolutely love peaches and during Spring/Summer and when it's peach drinks it's even better.

Spiked Raspberry Sweet Tea {Adult Drin 21+ Only} Perfect for Front Porch Sitting, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

The only thing that can make Peach Lemonade better is it being Peach Pink Lemonade!

With the weather changing and it getting warmer it is very important to stay hydrated so make sure you have plenty of water when your out and about but it also doesn't hurt to have a refreshing delicious tasting drink to help you celebrate these beautiful spring days we are having.
Happy Spring! 

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