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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

     This series has changed so many times but I finally think I have found exactly what it should it be. It's always been the same "topic" Inspiration for the week, starting with Amish Proverbs because I love there lifestyle, I live simply but they really understand simple living. This series has always been quotes inspiring to me and things to inspire y'all and I want to keep it that way. There is going to be minor change.

     I have been wanting to be more personal with my blog, more me. I always think a lot about what someone will think if they see a sarcastic comment, or something that I find funny, others may not, etc. When I originally started Raised Southern  I started it for me and it evolved into more and I started becoming more and more censored and not sticking to what I wanted when I started my blog. I think everyone should ALWAYS be themselves and here I am censoring and only writing general posts and only sometimes touching on personal issues but the truth is I need to share more of me, my family, and our life and of course continue the fun "general" blog posts. So I decided to change the series name {once again} and made a new series logo for it {How do you like it?} This is now going to be where I share my inspiration that is currently inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me. Hope y'all have a great week!

      I've been working out now for right at a month and I must say this is so true. I always get my workout done first thing in the morning so it's not something I think about all day that I need to get done, but as the day progresses, let's be honest, that workout is not going to happen. So NO EXCUSES- get your butt up and be active,

& last but not least I want to share this final little encouraging quote {at least it is to me}. Always remember, {and I too must remember} that what makes us us is all the little things. All the little things are we appreciate most in life and what make life so amazing and it is what makes us amazing. People love us for all the little things about us, the quirky-ness that makes us, us.

As you began your week first of all I hope it is a great one and secondly want to remind you to ALWAYS BE YOU - no matter what you're doing, you matter, and everything about you matters. As I write the above I will be reminding myself to take my own advice- Thank you all for being such great readers! Have a Fabulous Week! 

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