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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Gardening

     Every Spring since we have bought our house I have wanted a garden, a huge garden! My grand father built a beautiful green house for when they lived here and the house set for about 5-6 years before we purchased it. Sadly, the green house is "run down" and we need to do a lot of work to it. I always say, every year, that I am going to have a garden but this year we have one, and are going to put the few veggies, melons, and flowers in the beds we already have and then next year hopeful the green house will be ready and the back yard will be prepared for planting. I'm very excited about the plans we have for that and living healthier and being more natural. This is such a change for our family but I think it is a great change. I wanted to share with you some beautiful ideas for your Spring Garden and also some great tips for gardening this Spring.

This is absolutely one of my favorite garden designs that I have seen. I love the "spilling the flowers" scene here with the flowers in a spilled out sequence with the can at the end. There was not a link connected on Pinterest. 

'Tis The Season - What to plan and what season to plant in. I love these reference graphics and while there are many out there like this, I have found this one to be the one I like most. What are you planting first this Spring?

Even though we live on the beach, it's in the woods as well. Most of the time we walk down to the water and enjoy a nice stroll through the neighborhood. This is a great idea for the kids to look and try and find their string in all the birds nest. This will be especially neat to see all if we hang it in the woods right on the water and see what birds and other animals choose to use it.
Get all the details here,

PERFECT - Rock Garden Markers - to help you remember where you planted it and what it is. Plus the kids will love painting rocks because they love painting anything and everything. 

My kids LOVE Dirt - and frankly dirt loves them. I love that they like to get out in the yard and use their imaginations and have their own thrills and joys. I think this little garden all blocked off with these little fence posts gives the kids away to have their own garden, with their own tools, and their own plants. This keeps them out of your roses and gives them some fun and responsibility.

Even as an adult I want my own one of these. Well actually I don't mind sharing with the kids- if they don't mind sharing with me. This is so fun and will be a great hideout, reading spot, and shady area for the Spring/Summer. 

Rain Chain - I bet this sounds amazing when it rains and don't forget that April Showers bring May Flowers. I bet the kids will love building this for the garden. Music for the flowers and plants. 

 and last but not least - these teacup bird baths. You can always find a beautiful teacup that you want but just don't know what you could do with it, well add it to your garden. Get all the instructions for these beautiful garden additions.

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