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Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patricks Day Drinks for Kids & Adults

To us adults, St. Patricks Day is all about those tasty yummy green cocktails and green beer and they sure are fun to drink. Our kids love specialty drinks too, so I had to not only share some for us adults but some fun ones for the kids also. Who doesn't love fun specialty drinks? Lets start with Breakfast!

I'm not a big avocado person but this smoothie doesn't sound too bad! Here is the Green Monster, St. Patricks Day Smoothie.

This is also a healthy yummy shake that would be great to try out for a healthy snack.  Just looking at it makes me want to try it, the shake being healthy is just a plus! 

YUM- Lime Sherbet Floats! - St. Patrick's Day is close to the first day of spring for us southerners so these ice cream floats will be great to keep you cool cause it's starting to warm up :) If you're up North and reading this, please enjoy cozy and warm inside your home. I hope Spring comes soon for y'all! 

     This one can be fun for kids and adults cups because everyone would think this was awesome and the kids would feel extra special because unless you've done this before they have never had it. :) Here's the instructions so you can try it from OhMy-Creative.

Here is your first drink to try that sugar coated rim with the kids with this fun fizzy St. Patrick's Day.  You could even make rainbow ice cubes if you don't want just green :)

Or add Sugar rims and fill the kidos glasses up with this frozen rainbow punch that the whole family will love! 

Now, maybe your looking for a little more Adult friendly drink to have on St. Patrick's Day or for your party you maybe having well I have exactly what you need.
Try this little Green Leprechaun while your out or just celebrating St. Patrick's Day.
Shamrock Pudding Shots- Those just sound YUM, no further explanation necessary just try them.

This is my FAVORITE, and one I will be trying if not for St. Patrick's Day for sure this Spring & Summer, also great for cookout and picnics.

Rainbow Sangria!
I already am a big fan of Sangria, and this is my favorite way to have it with fresh fruit. 

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