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Sunday, March 1, 2015

St. Patricks Day Treats

As I've said before, my favorite part of any holiday, even little ole St. Patricks Day is baking & cooking the special holiday desserts and meals. Here are some treats that I look forward to making in the future. Many of these would even be great to have over the Summer or if you are having a rainbow themed birthday. Here are some of my favorites, especially the sandwich bread. Which one are you looking forward to making?

These are fun and great for the kids to help make. They will love adding all the colors and enjoy this tasty treat. Head over to Crazy for Crust for the full recipe.

     These will be such a special surprise breakfast. Maybe if you're trying to catch a Leprechaun and you don't succeed these can be a little gift they leave for breakfast. How Delicious!

     Another fun dessert to make with the kids, they will love smashing these together and then eating these fun Pot O' Golds. Have fun with these cake pops!

     How delicious does this look? I would literally want to eat this for every meal! Baileys Irish Cream Cake. Anything with Baileys is guaranteed to be absolutely delicious!   Would this be a special treat for your St. Patricks Day Celebration?            

     It doesn't matter what holiday it is Chocolate Covered Strawberries are the way to go and you can make them festive for any occasion. Plus who couldn't love these?

     These are great treat to make and take to work with you for St. Patty's Day or even just for dessert for the family & of course it is the season for Mint because it's Girl Scout Cookie Time. Plus, mixing Cheesecake with anything make it a great dessert!

How cute are these Leprechaun Hats? & they look very easy to make. Minus that little clover but I'm sure I could figure that out. Everyone in the kids class will love this special chocolaty treat.

     Can't go wrong with Rice Krispie Treats & when you add Lucky Charms MARSHMALLOWS, well you have just made the best Rice Krispie Treat in the world.

     Muddy Buddies come in every form and for every holiday of course, gives you more reason to make it and eat them, like we really need a reason though.

LOOK AT THIS: Have to always save the best for last. This is bread that my children would want every week {maybe the reason I haven't made it yet, lol} but seriously how awesome is this bread? It would make the perfect sandwiches to send for lunch on St. Patricks Day and then for the rest of the school year ;)

Hope you have some fun making these St. Patricks Day Treats, I know if you have kids they are sure going to love these treats just as much as mine would.
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