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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Crafts - Round-Up

     I love every season except WINTER, so when Spring comes around things get back to "normal" around here! I always start feeling more crafty, colorful, outdoorsy, and all about DIY'n. I have a long list of things that I want to get done around here this Spring & Summer, but one thing as always that has to be done .... Crafts!

     As I said about ^ I have a long list of things I want to do.. I have a Pinterest Board for everything. I started going through my boards to find some Spring activities for the kids and I of course found more then I could do myself so I decided I would do a little Spring Craft Round-Up and give y'all a place where you can get ideas for you and your family and also please feel free to share any of your Spring Crafts with us. I would love to see what you're getting crafty with so leave a comment with all of your Spring Crafts.

     I'm going to share crafts for all ages from toddler to adult because if you don't love to craft in some way, shape, or form... I'm sorry we can no longer be friends :) {Just Kidding} Hope you all enjoy!

This Welcome Sign is absolutely perfect for your front door this Spring. It's even got the cutest mason jar for the kids to put all those beautiful flowers they bring you all spring and you can even add your own flowers every couple of days. If you aren't into making this yourself you can head over and purchase on Etsy.

How beautiful would this be as an addition to your garden. This year we're starting a small little garden just a few veggies and flowers, but we're going to also clean up our green house, see what we need to repair it and have it ready to hopefully start our fall plants and veggies. This will have to be an addition that is in my garden.

Is this not a cute cute kid craft? I think everyone in the family would love to receive these from their favorite little Easter Bunny.

I am a Flip Flop Girl, If I can get them in every color I'm good to go for Spring & Summer. This is a very cute wreath to welcome the warmth and all the beach/pool/lake fun. You can also purchase this wreath on Etsy -

While I love all these wreaths and I plan to put the Welcome sign on the other side of the door, this is the wreath that I hope to add to our front door. Sunflowers = Country Love. How can you not love these beautiful flowers. & if DIY'n is not your think you can order this from Etsy -

Too Cute, not to do with all the kids you know. I think this is absolutely precious and such a fun craft to do. The kids will love it too. This may be a fun activity to do while they are on Spring Break.
The funny faces make it even cuter, I think some monster faces would be fun as well.
{No link provided when found on Pinterest}

This Spring Craft is cute to let the kids make a little birdy town, or you can even just use these for home decor. I think they are very cute and will add a little Spring to the house. 

I'm from the South - which most of you know, but for those of you that don't, I am. & you can NEVER have too many wreaths! Check out this No Sew Fabric Wreath -

Another beautiful spring decor to add to your home and very simple and easy to make on your own. 

While you doing all your Spring crafts, don't forget to do something special for the yard too and the birds of course. Plus, this is very simple, cute, and inexpensive to make. 

With the beautiful days we've have lately and the beautiful weekend that is coming go ahead and plan one of these crafts to add a little Spring into your home/yard/ and garden! Don't forget to go ahead and comment with all of your favorite crafts, and make sure to include your link. 

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