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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Activities to keep the Kids Busy!

With Spring here, Spring Break is coming too {if your kids haven't already went on theirs, ours is coming in a few weeks}. While the kids are running around acting like hooligans because that's what mine like to do in their free time {just kidding - their great kids} here are some fun activities that will give them a little structure and hopefully keep them busy during the upcoming Spring Break week.

As always in our Round-Ups please share any and all of your favorite Spring Activities and what you do to keep the kids busy on Spring Break!

Make Mud Paint, because who don't like to play in mud and paint? We all know one thing and that is, kids love to paint and of course play in the mud and dirt. Why not have fun with both? Make your Own  in vibrant colors -

Have fun building a birds nest for the birds. If you don't live in a wooded area you can always take these out some place wooded as long as all materials are safe to birds.

Who doesn't love Movie Night? & even make it a Drive-In Movie. {If you can, if not, get creative} Our Projector needs to be taken to the shop and have the bulbs replaced, but just as soon as we get that done we will absolutely be having a Drive-In Movie Night.
This is so cute with the Concession Stand.

Show your children how plants really grow with this little Greenhouse project. Get everything you need and the printouts here:

This was one of my favorite experiments in school. I loved watching the flowers change colors. This is a fun activity to start with the kids at the beginning of Spring Break.

Let's Dig for Worms - This will keep them busy for hours, because it's so much fun to dig for worms. You can even then allow their imaginations to go wild and allow them to build a colony for the worms before you head out to go fishing :)

A Scavenger Hunt is fun for all and this can be one to keep y'all busy while your headed for a walk or out at the park. Take a look closer at this Early Spring Scavenger Hunt

I hope this helps keep those kidos busy during their Spring Break! There is plenty of fun here!

Don't forget to share your own Spring Activities and blog posts that you have written as comments! 

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