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Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Homeschool Fun

     This first year of Homeschooling I can say has been rough. Well not rough as far as teaching, getting work done etc. but as far as finding what works best for us and how our home school schedule was going to run. It really took a lot of work and learning on my part of what would be best for us, my work schedule, or normal home schedule, and all our extra curricular activities. Now that things have fallen into a great routine, we are able to enjoy the fun activities and so much more. I wanted to share a few St. Patrick's Day Activities and Experiments that you can try with your class or your kids at home.

Just because it looks fun! Yes, it is messy but that's the definition of children, if you haven't already learned that :) and not to mention children love messy so this is a fun one for the kids.

I love doing this fun writing activity with all aged kids really, because even as an adult if Leprechauns were real and I caught one and they did what we think they do - I would have a few things I would want to wish for, you too right? So see what the kids have to say if they caught a Leprechaun and what they would wish for.{This is a Free Download}

This is a fun experiment and also for children of any age. This project will help teach them density in liquids and you can of course make it less or more in depth depending on the age group of your child/children.

I don't think about luck like everyone does and I don't want my children to think about luck the cliche way either. Luck does exist, Luck is there, just like miracles but someone is lucky because they have the latest iPhone that they got the day it came out etc., My husband and I teach our children that someone worked hard for that and if you want things in life you have to work hard you do not just "get lucky" and get things in life. One of our topics of conversations that goes along with this is "rich". I tell my children we are rich, I am the richest person in the world... and NOT because of money but because I have them, I have their dad, and people who love me and that makes you the richest in the world. I want my children to see things a bit different then society focuses on things. This is a worksheet that will allow you to see what they think they are lucky about. I will be having the above conversation again before this but this will be a fun writing prompt again for any age really.
{This is a Free Download}

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