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Thursday, March 19, 2015

When Spring Comes, Allergies come with it...

YAY - Spring is here, I'm so excited. Some days when the door is open wide, the sun is shining, and flowers are blooming I can't even work, I have to get outside. Here on the Gulf Coast all the snowbirds come here for Winter and all of us locals become hermit crabs that don't emerge until the weather warms up. Well the warm weather is here and us hermits have come out of our shell and while I did absolutely enjoy our first beach day of the 2015, these allergies have been kicking my families hiney.

     We have been sick for two weeks now {hence, no writing in two weeks} everything from fever to my daughter can't even go outside with out eye drops in her eyes to try and help keep them clear and not irritated. I was hoping she would grow out of her eyes being so bad during this time of year but it just hasn't happened and I'm sure the Azazels that line the porch, the house, and our whole back fence are not helping.
     I just wanted to let y'all know this is what we have been dealing with. I'm fixing to start looking for a natural remedy because nothing is helping, and what does help only works for short periods of time. I know many of y'all use natural home remedies, please share with us what you're using and how it works! Thanks y'all!

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