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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines M&M's {Teachers Gift}

     This isn't a "holiday" to many but it is one that I think is important because we have one day dedicated to love and another opportunity to show everyone how much we care about them. Valentines day is also one of the first experiences our children have with "love". {Outside of their parents, grandparents, etc} This is also a holiday that the kids get to give little gifts out to each of their friends at school or get to do something special for a friend or family member. While my daughter was going through my Pinterest looking for ideas of what she could make for her valentines, she saw a M&M Valentines Day Jar, and she immediately said I want to make this for my teacher.

     These are very simple and if you're like me and a little crafty you probably have all the supplies around your home, except for the M&Ms.

Supplies Needed:

-Mason Jar, Candy Jar,  Old Candle Jar {To Clean: Boil Hot Water, Poor into Candle to soak out all                                                                     the wax and poor out once it has completely melted down.                                                                    Wash as normal.}

-Label {Make your own or email us at and we will design one for you} or make your own vinyl design {we can help you with that too :) }


It's very simple to make this cute Valentines treat. I'm sure you can tell how to put it together. 

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