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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentines Snacks that will make you LOVE this day even more!

I have a sweet tooth, and it is always worse during holidays that I can make special treats on. I have special treats {other then the ones here} that I can't wait to try next week! I'm also very excited because we're going to have a weekly series called The Kids are Cooking where we will be sharing different things {probably found on Pinterest, of course} that the kids will cook themselves. My son has become obsessed with some of the cooking shows and the Jr. Master Chefs competitions that he has found a interest in cooking and my daughter of course loves to help cook whenever she can. I'm hoping they have time to make a special Valentines treat this weekend so our first should be next week! Until then here are some awesome Valentines Treats you can plan to make, and you won't be sorry you did because they all look delicious! 

Makoodle – Oreo Pops 

My Recipe Magic – Red Velvet Blossoms - 

Bee in Our Bonnet – Parfaits with your Sweeties - 

There was not a link with this Pin on Pinterest but basically make any type of cookie you want and roll in while still warm roll into sprinkles and add hersheys kisses or you can roll in sprinkles then bake them and add the kisses. These are great for any get Valentines get together that may be going on this year! 

Cooking Channel – Heart Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes -

Inspired Dreamer – Cherry Heart Pie Pops -

Shugary Sweets – Valentines Day Cheeseball -

BonBon Break – Cupid Kabobs -

Love from the Oven – Conversation Heart S’mores Pops -

Love from the Oven – Cinnamon Rolls 

Cutting Tiny Bites- Sweetheart Smoothies -

My ‘Pin’interests – rice krispy kiss -

Recipe By Photo – Pizza Pinwheel Hugs and Kisses -

The Recipe Critic Sweetheart Buddys -

I hope you were able to find that perfect treat for your lovey dovey Valentines get together or even just a special treat to make for the family! I know the kids will love the majority of these but there are some here that would be great for your Valentine! 

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