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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{Monthly Memories} January 2015

I can't believe I had forgotten to do my Monthly Memories- I enjoy sharing all my pictures but this one is one of my favorites because I can share anything that we took pictures of in January and remember them in the years to come. I also think this is a great series for the kids to look back on too. Here is January 2015 Monthly Memories! 

We have all started to love shooting the bow, we each need to get our own. 

For Some reason she came into the house and took her shoes off right there, just like that. 

Why are you talking to me like I'm a baby?

Sweet Mr. Destin :) 

Wrinkling up his nose

She was too tired to read

Getting Ready to go out for  a Friday Night, Date Night!

These Kidos - <3

First day it was nice enough to get out and head down to the beach, no wind just beautiful sunshine and nice weather. 

It was too cold to swim but that of course didn't stop the kids from getting as close to the water as possible. 

SweetHeart - Ava Mae

Showing my Sister in Law how it's done {Don't shoot the bow in the house} 

He then wanted to show off his skills

Cousins = Bestfriends= Twinsies 

Yep, those are what our snapchats look like :) 

I wouldn't want any other view! 

My World

Robot Project - Little Miss wanted to make a Robo Doggy 

Daddy & her worked really hard on her project. 

{I know many of you have already seen these photos especially if you follow us on Instagram}
BUT this is Anniversary weekend - Celebrating 13 years together!
Orange Beach, AL 

He always sits like this. It was nice to just relax quietly in a beautiful room & with a beautiful view.

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