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Friday, February 13, 2015

DIYGumball Valentines

     This year my little girl had a very hard time deciding what kind of Valentines she wanted to make but we knew we wanted to make them ourselves. I let her check out my "I Love You Day" Pinterest Board, which wasn't a great idea because I have a hard time deciding what I am going to make from my Pinterest board. I even narrowed it down to the 14 that I shared on the DIY Valentines blog post she still wasn't happy.
     She finally decided on what type of candy she wanted to give our because she wasn't having any of the non candy valentines, and she decided Gum Balls. So I came up with this cute and very easy Valentines Day Card for her to pass out in school today at her Valentines Day Party.


If you are interested in this for Valentines Day, email us at and we will send you your own. All you will need to do is print, cut out, fold over, fill out, and add the gumballs. These could even be used as candy bag toppers.

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