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Friday, February 27, 2015

St. Patricks Day Crafts for your Crafty Holiday Fix

     Even though St. Patricks day is not a big holiday, it is a fun one, and any reason to get crafty is good for me. I wanted to share a few St. Patricks Day Crafts that I found when looking for some that we are going to do that would be great for you and the little ones to get a crafty and have fun with this holiday.

     This is such a cute little treat to let your children's teachers know how lucky you are to have them, or if you homeschool this is a fun treat to make for others in the family :) You could use, I feel so LUCKY to have a YaYa {Grandma} like you.

     Try to catch a leprechaun  by hanging all these Pot of Gold Rainbow Rings around the home or class room. As St. Patricks Day gets closer have the children put together a leprechaun trap to see if they can catch one. This is always a very fun project for the kids.

     I really think I am obsessed with these candy jars. I raved about the ones for Valentines Day and now I have found these. I really need to take the time and make these for every holiday because of how adorable they are. It is such a fun decoration for all holidays.

     One of my Christmas gifts was a Silhouette. I LOVE IT! I haven't made any shirts yet {this one here will be my first} but I have made some beautiful glasses and ring dishes.{Blog coming soon, of course} Eighteen 25 shared these cute shirts to make for your son or daughter for St. Patricks day. I will let you know how ours go and if they go well, I'll be happy to take your order and make yours as well. If you have a Silhouette or Cricut this blog has all the instructions you need.
-St. Patricks Day Shirts-

     It may be odd to some but here in the South we need a wreath to hang on our door for everything! We love Home Decor! Here is a cute DIY Ribbon Wreath for St. Patricks Day!

- Parents hate it, Kids love it... Remember? You were a kid once! I hate playdough.. It gets everywhere {even with a mat} but my kids LOVE it so I prefer to make it and I though this was a great idea for a few hours of play. {After we have played with it, and do not have plans to play with it again, like if it's during the week we throw it away, and just make more when we want to play so it's not always available}. The kids will love the glitter in this dough though.
-St. Patricks Day Playdough

      I hope these gave you some great ideas to have some fun on St. Patricks Day March 17, 2015. There will be more St. Patricks Fun coming with Treats, Drinks, Homeschool Printables, and more!      Have a Great Weekend! 

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