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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Tears

  Well a lot of tears were shed in this house during the Super Bowl and I'm not talking about because the Seahawks lost. The commercials this year tugged at the heart this year. There were commercials on being a dad which we're for cars and Dove Men+ Care products- which I cried during both. There were commercials about travel, specifically the one from Carnival talking Back to Sea and that's where we come from (I always knew I was a mermaid once) and if you didn't know I absolutely love everything about the sun, sand, sea, and travel. There of course was the #LikeAGirl from Always which I talked about earlier this year that always makes me cry- EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it. The other car commercial with the men and women that are 100 years old and know all the secrets to life, which I again cried. The #Empowering Commercials from Microsoft showing us to never give up, and I can't forget the adorable puppy commercial from Budweiser. (Watch my Top Favorites Below)

     Usually Super Bowl commercials are extreme, beer commercials, and lets not even discuss the previous years GoDaddy Commercials. I must say that this year the commercials were tasteful, empowering, inspirational, uplifting, and positive (for the most part). If my children cared about Football it would have been a great game for them to watch because I wouldn't have to be worried about all the questions that come with normally watching the games with 10 years and younger children. It's nice to see the NFL is trying to change their image and focusing on the things important in life. (Minus the fighting at the end of the game... how did you explain that one to the kids?)

Oh, and we can't forget all the new movies we are now waiting to see:

-Furious 7 
-Jurassic World 
-Pitch Perfect 2 
-Ted 2 

& I have to give an honorable mention to the upcoming Mcdonalds Campaign tomorrow (Feb 2) through Februrary 14th! If you get to do one of these please share with us and email it to me at
-Starting Tomorrow Teaser 
-Starting Tomorrow 

Which Super Bowl Commercial pulled at your heartstrings most?

Here are my Top Favorites!

Nissan - With Dad

Dove Men+ Care - Calls for Dad

Toyota - My Bold Dad

Carnival - Back to Sea 

Always- Like A Girl 

Dodge- Wisdom

Watch all the rest of the commercials here:

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