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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{The Scott Life}

Making : a lists and meal plans, of supplies and groceries needed for next week and for the kids Valentines they have picked out.
Cooking : Nothing, already cooked -- we had BBQ Pork Chops, Mashed Taters, Corn, and ... well I just didn't feel like making biscuits {I do make them homemade}.
Drinking : Pink Lemonade {Is it Spring Time yet?  I sure would love to be sipping Lemonade in the Spring weather}
Reading: I've been reading lots of homeschool stuff. I need to find myself a good book {I always say that} but I won't read probably until beach weather comes. 
Wanting: some Chocolate Milk, or Strawberry Milk.
Looking: I'm still looking for Rehearsal dresses and vacation clothes for June. I need to go try some dresses on. 
Playing: The T.V. is on and plaything The Good Wife. I love this show, and just started it a few weeks ago on Hulu.. I have plenty catching up to do. 

Wasting: I try not to waste anything BUT it is too cold out so valuable time is wasting to prepare for our garden we are planning to have this Spring, Summer, and Fall. 
Sewing: N/A
Wishing: Lately - kinda silly- but wishing we could get all our "ducks in a row" so at the end of the year we can become DVC Members, and start planning our next trip there {I have a slight addiction to Disney World, and the fact that my Timehop will show me for the rest of the week our vacation from 2 years ago, is making me need a Disney Fix}. At least 
Enjoying: This moment to sit down, it's been a go go go, all day. 
Waiting: For my husband to come home, Its always so calming and relaxing when everyone is home and everything is done. 
Liking: I'm loving my Valentines Day nails :)
Wondering: Why there aren't more hours in the day, maybe just like 5 more, lol. 
Loving: that a 5 day weekend for the kids is coming up. It's kinda like a mini Spring Break. {Except it's not going to be warm}
Hoping: For Spring to come soon. 
Needing: ^^^^ It to warm up.
Smelling: The wonderful scent of the Febreeze Filter on the Vacuum cleaner. It makes the house smell amazing. 
Wearing: Layers- It's cold, and I hate the cold
Following: I've started following more and more and sharing more and more and it's really making a difference for the blog. Our new schedule is working out great. 
Noticing: The changes in the blog and really how truly hard it is to build everything of a brand by yourself. The site, photos, products, EVERYTHING.... 
Knowing: I can do anything I put my mind to. 
Thinking: That this month is almost over and we're doing great! 
Feeling: Determined 
Bookmarking: Nothing new lately
Opening: Emails - that will be the next thing I open anyways.
Giggling: at my husbands Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Binges... That's what he wants to do in the evenings when everyones in bed and the house has settled down. 

How is your week going? I hope all of y'all are having a great week! Thanks so much for Reading! 

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste for your  blog!
Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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