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Thursday, February 5, 2015

13 years & A Weekend in Orange Beach, AL

This quote should be hung in every married couples home the day they marry, because it's true. Everything in this quote, not going to be easy, it's going to be REALLY hard {at times}, you're going to have to work everyday at maintaining it, but you WILL DO IT because you want that person you have chosen to be your husband/wife; all of them forever, you and him/her everyday!  This comes from one of my favorite movies and if you have never seen it {How have you not seen this movie?} you should rent it/buy it, do whatever you need to do to see it. It is a "chick flick" as most husbands will say but he will not regret watching it either! & Valentines Day is coming up!

At the end of January my husband and I celebrate the day we started dating. 13 years we celebrated last weekend. We started dating when we were 15 and 16 years old {that just made me feel very old} in high school and we've been together ever since. We, just like every couple have had our ups and downs but the most important thing I can say to anyone having any relationship problems, it's all worth it to work together and comprise whatever may be done. I love and adore my husband so much and I was so excited when he told me he wanted to take me to the beach for the weekend. It was going to be a beautiful weekend, warmer {NOT as warm as i would have liked} and it was just going to be us. We really needed a relaxing weekend together because it feels like we have been go go go since school started. So we went and stayed at The Island House Hotel in Orange Beach, AL. and this is a place I highly recommend if you are heading to Orange Beach

Our Room was Beautiful! 

& The view amazing! All rooms do have balconies! 

He got me King Cake - Everytime I start seeing Mardi Gras stuff all I can think is King Cake!
{It's the Little Things}

We had Dinner & Saw George Jones.. This guy did look like him from afar. We had an amazing Dinner at Cobalt in Orange Beach, AL You should absolute go here for lunch or dinner and try some FireCracker Shrimp - Everything is Delicious but this is my favorite! I didn't take any pictures minus this one because I was enjoying time with my husband and good conversation. We don't go out to dinner much and when we do it's typically as family so it was nice and great conversation! Next time I will take plenty of photos. 

Next it was off to my favorite local bar and your must visit bar! The Flora-Bama and if you go you HAVE to try a Bushwacker, and yes even if it is 40 degrees out. You won't be cold anymore though that is for sure. This place feels like home to me. My father was a musician and played her most of my life. I remember drinking cherry coke and eating pizza while he played during the summer and summer fun out on the Gulf. If your looking for a good time even if you don't drink this is the place to go to hear great music! 

This is a Bushwacker - sorry its a dark pic, it was taking with my phone in the dark. 

Jack Robertson {aka Big Earl} is a lot of fun to see and my favorite show to catch! 

One thing you must do even if you don't stay on the Gulf, you must catch the sunrise!

Such a Beautiful Morning! I plan on hanging this in my house! 

     We headed out to explore town. We live locally but sometimes you just need to take a turn down a road you don't know and see where it takes you! This drive took us to some new trails that we didn't know existed. We decided to take a walk down the Jeff FriendShip Trail. We took a short walk there but the trails extend. We plan to go back and take a picnic with the kids, they love hiking and exploring. 
     The whole point of this weekend was to do some relaxing and that is exactly what we did. We grabbed lunch and headed back to the hotel to do some relaxing and catch the sunset. It was then time to get some dinner and we settled in listening to the waves and enjoyed a quiet evening. Sometimes you just need to take a little staycation and relax. 

Thanks for reading and letting me share my lovey dovey, beautiful weekend with y'all! Have a great rest of the week the weekend is almost here!

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