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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A family that works together...

      Whether it's a family or a team, working together will result in growing together. This is most important though, I believe within the family. Everyone in a family needs to be on the same page in their journey together. Everyone must be striving for the same goal in each of their own individual responsibilities and ways. For Example {and this is how it works in our family} My husband works outside of the home. He has a set schedule and needs to be there throughout the week and sometimes on the weekend.  My job is very flexible. I work with several sites, own my own {}
and I am building my boutique, so my job is very busy as well but I am able to work around all the necessities of home life. I tend to handle all of the extras with the kids. On top of that we home school our son {our daughter is in public school, until the end of the year and will be homeschooled next year}, my husband typically handles homework duty, projects, and extra curricular activities that he must teach{woodworking for example} and then of course there is Dance Class and Archery on top of the other responsibilities the kids have. Now lets add all the typical stuff; cooking, cleaning, washing and folding laundry, etc, and let me just say I would be completely exhausted if I had to take care of all of that on my own. To us everything should be split 50/50 now yes the cleaning is generally 80/20 but all the other is 50/50 :)

    We are teaching our children to work together, get along, be nice, and kind and they are all learning from us. Show your children that working hard has great rewards and you will grow if you work hard and work hard within your relationships and family as well.

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