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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

{The Scott Life}

I haven't updated everyone with our weekly life "survey" that I started sharing with everyone last year. I'm getting back on track with all of our series and wanted to update everyone with how things are with us weekly. If you would like to take this survey too at the bottom of this each week will be a blank survey you can copy and paste! Have a great rest of the week, it's humpday so we're almost to the weekend! 

Making : Blogs- I've been blogging all day! 4 down, 2 to go.
Cooking: Nothing - The Pizza Man cooked tonight! 

Drinking : A Mtn. Dew.. well that's the last thing I drank.
Reading: I just downloaded a few books from Kindle, Hoping to be able to read a "grown up" book. We're reading Treasure Hunters by James Patterson in School {homeschool}
Wanting: To climb in bed and call it an early night, this mama is tired!
Looking: I'm starting to look for dresses for my cousins upcoming wedding in June. I need a rehearsal dress and a few others.
Playing: Nothing currently, no time for games in this busy evening. 
Wasting: Nothing- I really should remove this because I don't like wasting anything, but sometimes time gets wasted on things it shouldn't. (Fb, Twitter, uhhh Pinterest, lol) 

Sewing: I found a really cool thing on Pinterest that I want to make this summer for all of our towels! It is too cute, and this beach girl can never pass up beach accessories. 
Wishing: It would get warm. I hate hate hate Winter. I don't hate anything or anyone unless it is Winter and the Cold. 
Enjoying: Quiet time right now, time to just write and get a few things done that I need to. 
Waiting: On the kids movie they started watching to finish so they can eat and settle down for bed. 
Liking: the fact that I didn't have to cook tonight, it really is the little things. 
Wondering: How I am going to change things up and if it will all work and flow better with another site.
Loving:  The family times we have been having in the evening with my husband being able to come home a little early from work. 
Hoping: That little groundhog was wrong, I really don't think that I will last for 6 more weeks of Winter. {How again did  the groundhog see his shadow in snowy conditions?}
Needing: heat transfer glitter vinyl- lol that's on my need to buy list
Smelling: Pizza- and it smells delicious
Wearing: Jeans and a Hoodie - This is my cold weather attire.
Following: Haper Lee, and that she is writing a new book. I, just like every other Alabamian, happen to be very excited about this.  
Noticing: My husband has a binge problem with Netflix, lol - don't we all! 
Knowing: Being better scheduled, organized, and on top of things will keep everything on the right track! 
Thinking: about climbing in my bed right now, I'm so sleepy and it's still early
Feeling: ^^exhaustion
Bookmarking: I bookmarked a few new blogs today on Alabama Women Bloggers {If your a blogger and a women in Alabama, Join Us
Opening: last thing I opened was the King Cake box to get my son a piece for dessert.... {Love King Cake! If you have never had one there is no better time to have one then now! Mardi Gras Season! 
Giggling: I think I'm too tired to even giggle. 

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste for your  blog!
Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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