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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Filled with Excitement & Headed to Disney? Don't forget to pack these.....Disney World Packing List

So your going to Disney World? & of course you're filled with excitement, and starting to pack. Well for me the story goes like this... and this is a true story. In 2013 when we headed to Disney World I made a little check list of things we needed to pack for the whole family{Just FYI don't do this, make an individual list}. I packed our suitcases, got our car loaded and we headed down to Disney. The kids always travel in comfy PJ clothes, because it is an 8 hour ride. As we get to Disney, check in, get in our room, and start getting ready for our afternoon we realize my son doesn't have any shorts/pants. NONE. & so becomes a story the family likes to tell every time I have to pack clothes, "make sure you have shorts/pants".
Well we just went to Disney and good news, everything was packed! :) However I couldn't have done it without The Ultimate Disney World Packing List from  This list is perfect for everything you need, now you may not need all of this stuff but you will need some of it and some of the things you probably didn't even think of. I of course added things that we're for our family specifically so I didn't forget it but its perfect to print out and check off.

Here are a few things that I really was happy I had! 

- Remember to get change for any tolls, you will be passing through at least one there and one back.
-Drinks & Snacks for the hotel room! The rooms have mini refrigerators, and it was nice to have drinks in there for times we didn't feel like going to re-fill our refillable mugs {purchase at your quick service meal place in your hotel}
-Paper plates, utensils, napkins, straws
-Gum, they do not sell gum in Disney - buy some but be respectful, throw it away! There are trash cans everywhere!
- Medicine, take a first aid kit for your family, kids Tylenol/Ibuprofen,  etc.
- External Battery Charger and cords - We all use our phones A LOT and especially because of social media and sharing pictures. Make sure to buy a battery pack to charge your phones while walking through the park. I was so happy I had this!
- You may think you don't need this, but trust me you will be glad you bought it. Disney has water rides that you most of the time get soaked on, and it's just HOT down there. Well sometimes this does not work well when you have jeans/jean shorts on and you are walking all day. Buy Gold Bond Friction Defense at your local Wal-Mart. This is to put on your children or yourself if you start chaffing or developing a rash from all the walking. I was so thankful to have this because after the first day of water rides my son was in need of this.

Head on over to WDW Prep School and get your Ultimate Disney World Packing List before your vacation, you will be happy to have it.
Have a Magical Vacation & Safe Travels

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