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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

{13 Nights of Halloween} Halloween Spaghetti

     There are so many ways now a days to be creative in all that you do. There are even little things I find on Pinterest and I think, how did I not know about this? How did my mom not know about this and do these things with me as a kid. I must say this is one of those awesome things that would have probably enticed me to eat spaghetti instead of just buttered noodles when I was younger. This may be great to get your littles to at least try Spaghetti. Last year I shared our Colored Noodles for our Birthday Spaghetti that we made for my daughters sleepover, the spaghetti was a hit! So I thought you could do the same thing for Halloween!

*Photo Courtesy of Hands on As We Grow

I haven't had to time to make this delicious dinner, but I found a picture from Hands on As We Grow. The way I make these colored noodles is different from many of the ways I have read. A lot would thing to add food coloring straight to the noodles once they are cooked and drizzled with a little oil, but I do them different. I cook the noodles as I normally do but add the food coloring to the water with two table spoons of oil and they cook as normal. Once the noodles are done you will see that they are dyed the color you added to the water! If you want deeper colors add more food coloring. For Black Noodles mix the food coloring together before adding it to the water to make sure it is black and not purple. You could even make Purple, Orange, and Green Noodles for Halloween instead of Orange and Black.
Happy Halloween!

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