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Thursday, October 30, 2014

{The Scott Life} A Little Bit of Us Shared with Ya'll!

Making : A LOT, cause it's the end of the month.  The calendar for the websites, graphics for the events, newsletters that need to go out Monday, Another video because the one I couldnt get uploaded, is now just frozen there so it will be deleted and I need to add some other things to the video anyways.. hmmm & I'm making plans to rearrange out playroom/schoolroom.
Cooking : Nothing currently but I need to figure out what I am making for dinner.
Drinking : Water - Trying to drink more!
Reading: My to do list because I have a lot to do. I want to get a new book though and read. I actually think I am going to reread Coming from a place of Yes for the end of the year book and get a new book as one of my stocking stuffers!
Wanting: I'm wanting to just do some organizing all day in my house. When I want to do it, I really don't have time for it, and when I have the time for it, it is the last thing I want to do.
Looking: Just started looking at all the stuff I need to buy and do for Thanksgiving and Christmas and get busy doing. It will be here before I know it.
Playing: Nothing currently.
Wasting:...... Nothing
Wishing: There was more time in each day and of of course a unlimited supply of energy.
Enjoying: Family Time, it's been really really nice lately.
Waiting: For some things to change, but they will just have to keep working on them and praying about it.
Liking: That the holidays are coming, I'm actually loving this! lol.
Wondering: If everything will ever get done and all be caught up and I can just work in the here and now.
Loving:  I think I answered that ^^ I'm loving that the holidays are coming, we are going Trick-or-Treating tommorrow and then it's on to planning Thanksgiving.
Hoping: That the holidays go great with no stress anywhere, even in my bank account.
Needing: Nothing, I don't need anything in particular.
Smelling: The pumpkin spice candles that are lit. I have to light them every morning.
Wearing: Sweatpants & a Hoodie, it is cold here in South AL and only suppose to get colder.
Following: Nothing in particular, I don't tend to particularly "following" anything.
Noticing: That there are more and more Halloween Stuff to do each year especially with Halloween being on the weekend. I'm glad we've decided to have a spooky Halloween Dinner and go Trick-or-Treating then maybe a spooky movie.
Knowing: It's going to be a great day, because I am going to make it a great day.
Thinking: That I'm glad this is almost over because I need to get something filled out real quick.
Feeling: Pretty Good for it to be going from hot to cold hot to cold *knocking on wood, I continue feelign that way.
Bookmarking: A few blogging sites, working on a twitter party for ALWB for November
Opening: I'm fixing to start shopping for Christmas!
Giggling: I'm glad we're more prepared each year for Christmas. ahhh, we're growing up. hee-hee

Happy Halloween Y'all, I hope you have a great and safe Halloween & maybe even some spookyness.

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste on your very own blog!
Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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