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Saturday, October 25, 2014

{13 Nights of Halloween Fun} Halloween Cupcakes

     Cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts to make. I prefer making them over cakes, pies, etc. I especially love them even more because I learned how to ice them. Yes, that's right, how to ice them like i just ordered them from the cake bakery, and you wouldn't believe how easy it is. Take the time, to take a class, you can even order a kit from My Cake Decorating that would be perfect to help you learn how and you get plenty tools to help you, or you can watch some decorating videos on YouTube. Isn't technology grand? These cupcakes are at the top of my list for Halloween baking and cupcake decorating! These cupcakes are listed from what I think is the easiest to the hardest to ice, starting with the easiest.

*Courtesy of Joann Fabric
If you go to the link you can print this out for free. I classify this as the easiest because you only need one type of tip and it its very simple to go in a circle when the tip does all the work for you. These are great for the Halloween Season. 
*Courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

These Spider Web Cupcakes are sure to add a little spooky to your Halloween Menu. You could even add a little plastic spider ring to the top of these. I put these as the middle, when listing from easiest to hardest, just because there is an additional step to these by using a toothpick{that's what I use anyways} to spread out the icing to make it look like a web. Head on over to The Girl Who Ate Everything for all the tips to make these Spider Web Cupcakes.

*Courtesy of One Girls Cookies

These are absolutely the cutest I have seen this season. I think they would be very easy to do, minus the leaves. I personally would need to practice making those but I'm sure there is tutorial on YouTube for me, because there is literally one for everything! These ghosts are also the perfect dollop of icing. I place this as the hardest for decorating because there are many colors and different designs which will require different tips, different piping backs, and of course each color of icing needed.

Have you ever just tried to use a piping bag and tip to decorate your cupcakes? If you have not and are scared to try, DON'T BE! I was and just like I told my momma, I will never have ugly iced cupcakes anymore. They will always be decorated beautiful, even with just a swirl of icing sitting on top, better then a smear of icing. 

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