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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{13 Nights of Halloween Fun} Crayon Pumpkins

One of my favorite things about the Holiday season is all the special activities that you only get to do once a year, I mean you could do them other times but it would kind of be silly. Any who, I love to carve pumpkins and my children are still little and like digging in and getting all gooey, but this year I really wanted to do a Crayon Pumpkins in several different color patterns, we decided to do something else with family but there is always next year, and who knows, I may still get a pumpkin and do one before Halloween,but these should be shared

Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating Idea

*Courtesy of  Crafty Morning  

This is too cool! I love all of the crayon canvas art that I see and I even did a beautiful one for my grandmother for a Christmas Present from the kids and it turned out amazing. This crayon pumpkin is so creative, it would be great to have set up in the classroom as well, or even in your homeschool room. I love that you could do any color pattern that you prefer as well. I know we would have to have a Blue & Orange one in this household {Go Gators!} Take a look at how Crafty Morning makes this Crafty Crayon Pumpkin

DIY Crayon Pumpkins

*Courtesy of  The Swede Records

Here is a little bit of a different way to do crayon pumpkins and I these turned out great! I may be buying two pumpkins soon to do both of these styles. This one can be done like you are drawing onto the pumpkin with the wax from the crayon as done on her purple glitter one, which is beautiful. The multi-color pumpkin with the crayon on it like falling wax from a candle is what caught my eye first about the post. Another great DIY Crayon Pumpkin Idea.


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