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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{The Scott Life} A little bit of us with y'all!

Making : Weekend Plans, We're having to rearrange some because my husband has to work.
Cooking : I have no idea what making for dinner, probably Taco Pasta
Drinking : Nothing Currently
Reading: My To Do' List, trying to get everything done for the day and I'm just about caught up for the week. 
Wanting: the weekend to come and stay awhile. I really miss my husband, and only getting to see him for a few hours in the evening is not cutting it.
Looking: At all the papers that need to be graded and recorded.
Playing: Nothing, there are no time for games unless its Family Game Night
Wasting: Speaking of wasting, I cannot believe my daughter, last night apparently she did not want her cheeseburger that was homemade, and very good. Instead of saying she didn't want it, or that she wanted something else, she threw her two bites gone cheeseburger in the trash. I told her I could not believe she just threw that away, go give the dog a treat, don't waste it. The dog loved it at least
Sewing:  I have a new project I am hoping to start this week! 
Wishing: Someone could do some of the tedious work for me, I need an assistant, that works for free- where's my best friend at? lol 
Enjoying: The way things are right now. I'm staying focused on what I need to and just getting things done! 
Waiting: for the time to come that my husband gets off of work  and comes home. Last night it wasn't until 9 p.m.

Liking: the way home school is effecting my son. You wouldn't believe the difference in our son and in how he controls himself, and focuses, and gets things done is great. Of course there are always going to be those "things children do" but he is really doing great. I love how great this is for my family. I can't wait till I have both of them home. 
Wondering: hmmm, now I'm wondering how it will work to have two at home and homeschooling.
Loving: The Fall Season, I love everything about it but the weather. I really don't like being cold. Once I get cold it is so hard for me to get warm, but I am loving all the Fall Decor, Smells, Football, Food, Hoodies, BonFires, & of course S'mores!
Hoping: That my little dude is having a great time on his field trip. I'm so sad I couldn't go but things have to get done other places too.
Needing: More Time in the day please, and we're fixing to fall back for daylight savings.. dark earlier in the evening and later in the morning. 
Smelling: My Pumpkin Spice Candle of course!
Wearing: Running Pants & a T-shirt. I've been working all morning and have to get ready in a little while for Archery, no need to get all dressed up yet. My hair and make is done though, thank counts right?
Following: trying to follow schedule... gotta keep moving 
Noticing: How everything is starting change down here in South Alabama! I would say fall is upon us. 
Knowing: That this day is going to be long too
Thinking: I can do this, i can get through another 14 hour work day! 
Feeling: Like I'm only one person - but other then that I'm great! 
Bookmarking: I just book marked a site that has a gorgeous set of bracelets on it I want to get my sister. I have to see if I can make the same one though. If not I'll be ordering it. 
Opening - two new sites soon!
Giggling: ^^ I giggle because i'm already so busy but I keep adding to my plate. I think my plate has run over. 

Here is the list that I used but ready for you to copy & Paste for your  blog!
Making : :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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