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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 Day Countdown Fun before your Disney Vacation

Where do all good ideas come from now a days? Pinterest, of course! I was very excited when I saw this countdown on Pinterest from . Usually I see things like this after my vacation when I’m having a Disney Depression day. If you’ve ever been to Disney then you understand that there is such a sickness as Disney Depression. It’s taken me exactly a Month to get started editing our pictures, sharing them on social media and with family/friends, write about it or anything. I can’t believe our vacation was already a Month ago. Well if you’re reading this you’re probably planning your own vacation or it’s getting close! I’m excited for you just thinking about a Disney Vacation and all the magic that comes with it.  Here is a little something to help you get the magic started before your Vacation.

Latte and Legos had many great ideas for her Disney World Countdown, but I tweaked ours a little to fit us and you may need to do the same for your family, but here is a list to help you gain some more ideas.

Day 30- What Disney Characters do you want to see most? Make a list of Top 5.
{Perfect for you parents to start planning how you see the characters that are most important. Expect Lines, the lines are inevitable so you need to make sure you see the ones that are most important to your family}

Day  29- Draw & Color a Picture of your favorite character.
{if your kids are little you can always let them pick one of the Internet of their favorite character. Just do a google search for: example: Frozen Color Sheets }
Day 28 – Watch Disney Movies- Each person in the family chooses their favorite
Day 27 – Practice your Roller Coaster Scream
{This is great for little kids who will be riding a roller coaster for the first time this trip. My daughter was very prepared, even though she didn’t like Everest, she loved Rockin Roller Coaster and Space Mountain}
Day 26 – Talk about what needs to happen if your child gets lost.
Day 25 – Play Disney Trivia Game
{We played Headbands}
Day 24- Draw pictures of your favorite ride or the ride you are most excited about riding
Day 23- Have a Disney Dance Party with all your favorite Disney Music
{Use YouTube if you do not have any Disney Music on your ipod or CDs}
Day 22- Hide the Mickey & Minnie Game
{You can use any Disney Characters you have}
Day 21- Read a New Disney Story
{My 10 year old loves Kingdom Keepers which is all about Disney, and my daughter loves the Princess stories, any and all of them}
Day 20- Print & Color Pictures of your favorite Disney Team {ex:/ Buzz & Woody]
Day 19- Mommy & Daddy will add $insertamount to your Disney Savings
Day 18 – Look at Maps of Disney, show the family your hotel.
{You can take additional tours of your hotel on YouTube, just search the name of your hotel if staying on Disney Property}
Day 17 – Disney Gift
{We bought things for our trip already, shirts, new pins, pins for trading, glow stuff for nights at the park, etc. Give this to the kids as “Disney Gifts”}
Day 16- Give the kids their Lanyard and add any new pins
Day 15- wear Disney PJs to bed
Day 14 – Start Packing your stuff to do on the car/plane ride
Day 13- Disney Gift
Day 12- Spaghetti Night & Watch Lady and the Tramp
Day 11- Play Freeze for 30 min. with Disney Songs or Play a Disney Board game
Day 10- Make Cookies shaped like Mickey Mouse
Day 9 – Watch YouTube videos of rides and attractions
Day 8- Have Disney Mac & Cheese with dinner
Day 7 – Play with Playdough/Clay – Make your favorite characters
Day 6 – Write a letter to your Favorite Character
Day 5 – Disney Gift {glow stuff}
Day 4- Count Vacation Money
Day 3- Pack Everything needed to go on your trip
Day 2- Get Autograph books
Day 1 – Throw Confetti & Take a “Day before Disney” Photo

& Last but not least, Safe Travels and have a magical Disney Vacation!

Don’t forget we are also hear to answer any Disney Questions you may have or help you with things you maybe wondering about. If I don’t know, I can definitely point you in the right direction!

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