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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{13 Nights of Halloween Fun} Halloween Chex Mix

     Just a warning, after reading this you are going to want to make some type of Chex mix. These are some of the Halloween favorites I have saved on my Pinterest board and plan to make for my daughters upcoming Halloween Party at school. I'm not making all of these for the class but they all look amazing so I'm sharing them all with you.

Monster Munch

*Courtesy of Sweet Orange Fox

This will, more then likely be the type of  Halloween Chex Mix that I will be making for my daughters class. This is Monster Munch from Sweet Orange Fox and it looks delicious and the kids are sure to love it just because of the name. I love the innocence and excitement of children and how easily they are pleased. This Mix has Popcorn, Pretzels, Candy Corn, M&M's., & Sprinkles coated with vanilla Candy Coating. I know my kids always love when I make a version of this called
Bunny Bait every Easter.

Fall Chex Mix

*Courtesy of  Budget Savvy Diva 
This is a great Fall Chex Mix to take to your work party it is very much more adult then the Monster Munch even though I could it every day. This one is a little better for you with the raisins added. Make this for your work party or maybe even to give your child's teachers. It's also Gluten Free!
Nutella Halloween Puppy Chow

*Courtesy of  A Southern Fairytale
Any recipe that has Nutella in it is absolutely for me! Well it won't be once I start my whole 30 but I can absolutely see this being a recipe I do at Thanksgiving to snack on while cooking all day. Head on over to A Southern Fairytale and grab this recipe because it is also made with Chocolate Cake Mix or Browning Mix, Your Choice.

Crock-Pot Maple Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

*Courtesy of Averie Cooks

This is another recipe that would be great to take as a "treat" for your co-workers this Halloween. Any recipe Crock-Pot in it are a favorite of mine. This is a special one because it is a version of Chex mix that I have never had but it is one I plan to make soon!

Do you have a Chex Mix Recipe that everyone loves? Share with us! Email to

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