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Sunday, October 19, 2014

{13 Nights of Halloween Fun} Brain Punch

     This punch is sure to be the hit of your Halloween Party. Brain Punch is very simple to make and adds a little spookyness to your punch for the party. This is also great for kids parties or their class party at school. Just make with Kool-Aid as we did here. If you are having an Adult only party you can add your favorite punch and use the brain mold as the ice for the punch if you are looking for a classier look.
Here is what we used for this batch of Brain Punch:
-Brain Mold {Wal-Mart or order online}
-Kool- Aid {& ingredients to make kool-aid}
-Sour Gummy Worms

     We used Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid for our brain, Mix as directed on the back of the package. Add as many gummy worms to the brain mold as you would like. Pour Kool-Aid over the top until full. Freeze until frozen solid.
     Once frozen, rinse the bottom of the mold with warm water and the brain will pop out  for you. Add to your punch when ever you are ready for your party! Once the kool-aid melts into the punch you will be able to have gummy worms in your drinks too. {My kids did not like the gummy worms, but said it looked awesome}

Everyone in the Family loved this Brain Punch! It was very easy to make and looks awesome to add to a Halloween Party or even for a class Halloween Party. My Husband even enjoyed this punch. He saw our brain and said, "mmmm Brains" in his best Zombie Voice! Hope you all enjoy!
Happy Halloween!

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