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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back into the swing of things..

     I hate when we have those moments that could possibly be a crisis in our lives. As women, we worry and worry, our anxiety goes through the roof, were moody, emotional, etc. I'm not referring to those "PMS" moments our significant others refer too, I'm talking about just a event that may come up out of no where. It could be having to have a unwanted conversation, confronting a friend/family member, maybe your changing jobs, etc. any of those moments. The "noise" it causes always messes me up and gets me unfocused and takes me over. Something I definitely need to work on and learn to control. Last week was spent dealing with one of those possible crisis's and it actually turned into not really a big thing.. no need for details.. But to the point, it threw me off. I got behind with work, I couldn't focus because of all the noise in my head about it. I could only do the house work, school, fill the orders we had, my correspondent work, and hang out with my family. That's all I wanted to do. So whatever FUNK was going on is over and I'm so disappointed at the time that was wasted on it, as we all are, after we allow something to unnecessarily effect us. Don't ever waste time on unnecessary crap, just do what has to be done, get it over, and move on!


     It was a great weekend though, and has been a great week so far but very busy. Now that its October, I've set high goals for this month and plan on meeting everyone of  them, and very excited about some of the stuff going on this month. I'm still trying to finish the Calendar and get everything all set up and schedule so we can get everything done that needs to be done. I'm ready for the weekend! Have a great day! & Just ignore unnecessary noise.

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