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Monday, October 28, 2013

Date Night Ideas- They are so important for your relationship!


    I always look forward to our Fridays, it's Date Night thanks to my wonderful mother! Date nights are so important for all relationships but are really important for married couples! Once we get married, we get into the groove of things, a routine. Sometimes this routine seems never ending and we don't make as much time for our significant others like we should. I think one thing that is forgotten once we get into a routine is how much fun that you, as a couple have together and each person is only focusing on what needs to be done and completed. That can become exhausting! Couples need to remember the fire doesn't just go out, you allow it to be put out. The foundation of your relationship with your significant other was built on you two dating and enjoying each others companies, so why should that stop after kids, 2, 3, 4, or 5+ years of marriage?
     Date Nights don't always have to be going out somewhere and spending money, because dinner and go out somewhere can get expensive every week. Some of my favorite date nights do not cost anything. We try to plan our date nights out and then plan the other nights based on our budget for the month. That's what I recommend for you as well. Here are some things to do to make your date night work:
          1} Get a Plan - Plan out where your going to go, what is your budget, do you need a babysitter?
          2} Get a Babysitter- It is important for you to spend time as a family and have family dates, but once a week with your love is what is needed for you two.
         3}Write it on the calendar - write it on the calendar so it is there, and you both know about it and don't plan anything else- unless something important comes up, of course.
         4} Stick to it - Everyone is busy, everyone has things to do, everyone has work, but everyone also needs some fun. If your significant other and/or your self have a high stress, constant busy job, for this ONE night a week he/she can take the time for you and you should do the same! Put the phones away, turn the computers off, and enjoy each others company.

     Don't know what to do for a date? There is no excuse that is good enough to not have date night - Even if you have no option for a sitter, incorporate the kids but also make it an evening for you two. If you are struggling with what to do for a date, in this day and age google it - Date night ideas or Free date night ideas - If your like me you have a Pinterest board full of ideas for you and your significant other.

Here are some of the sites I use for ideas:

     Now there is no reason why you and your love shouldn't have a date night. There are so many wonderful ideas listed from each of these bloggers. Another idea is for you to plan two and have your significant other plan the other two. That allows both of you to plan something fun and for you to not feel like your only doing what the other wants too.

     Do you have a date night regularly with your spouse? Is it something that you two make a priority? What is your favorite Date Night?  Please join in the conversation

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