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Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Mondays- My Soundtrack

     Starting this week through November, were going to have Music Mondays! Music has always been such a big part of my life. My father was a musician and growing up it was a daily, constant thing. Music helps me sort through my thoughts and emotions. Every song tells a story and has meaning, there is a song for every occasion and emotion. Music says what we sometimes cannot say ourselves. If there is a song I like and listen too it is because it relates to me, in some form. Do you relate to this music this way as well? It truly is something that I could not live without. My iPod would be one of the things that had to come with me if I was stuck on a deserted island with only 5 things. This week my music Monday is going to be my soundtrack. The songs that describe me at different times, throughout my life; a soundtrack to my life (so far). Now I can say there are several songs that make me think of myself from all different times in my life and all genre of music.

In no particular order:
2}American Honey - Lady Antebellum
3}Little Miss- Sugarland
4} Country Strong - Gwynth Paltrow
5}Perfect- Pink
6} Shake it out - Florence and the Machine
8}She Talks to Angels - Black Crowes
9} Let Her Cry - Hootie & the Blowfish
10} Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
11} Hell of Heels - Pistal Annies
12} Tough - Kelly Pickler

14}Lil FLip - I Shoulda Listened
15} T.I. Live your life
16}T.I. Dead and Gone
17} I fly above Candi Buress
18} Girl is on Fire - Alicia Keys
20} Roar- Katy Perry

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