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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

15 days of Halloween -Post #7 - Candy Corn Wreath


     If you love Pinterest like me, you always see the cutest wreaths that are so simple. Well I just had to make one for the kids to go on the guest bathroom/their bathroom door. After making this one, I will be making one for every holiday and occasion, not to mention it's cheaper then buying them!
     For Halloween I decided to make one in Candy Corn colors and add some Halloween table confetti that I had from a precious party! My husband is in construction so if had what is needed to start the wreath but If you don't have what you need you can go to several places to get it. You can always go to your local craft store and pick up several different kinds of wreaths to wrap. I recommend going to your local Home Depot or Lowes and purchasing pipe covering. It's foam like shown, and it's much cheaper then what you would find at your local craft store.
All you need is: 
- your wreath (whatever you choose)
-duck tape (the wreath I chose comes in strips and you have to tape it, to make it round.) 
-Any decorative add on you want for your wreath. 
- hot glue gun 

     After choosing your wreath, if you needed to tape it, tape it. Tie the first wrap of yarn around it and in a knot. Continue wrapping the yarn around the wreath, when ready to change colors, tie a knot to connect the other color, and continue to wrap the wreath. Once the wreath is covered you can tie a knot in the color and glue it or hide it. Whatever embellishments you chose to add can be glued on however you would like! Lastly, add your ribbon to make a loop and hang your wreath!! 

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