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Sunday, October 27, 2013

15 days of Halloween - Post # 11 - Corn Maze & Other Fall Fun

     What a absolute wonderful weekend. The Month of October has flown by with my trip to Oklahoma and then returning to my daughter being sick  has kept us busy we haven't been able to have much family time. This weekend we planned to get a lot of family fun time in and we absolutely did!

Our son has his bowling league first thing in the morning on Saturdays. My daughter isn't into bowling, but luckily she does not mind sitting there watching and the bowling alley has a wonderful arcade. Our son was doing so good and has great stance when bowling, we decided to take our daughter to the arcade for some games. It must have been her lucky day because she won the jackpot on a game! 1000 tickets!

She was very excited and the only thing she wanted was a princess tiara that was only 100 tickets. It made her day!
      After bowling we decided on some lunch and then off to the Corn Maze we went. Living in South AL on the Gulf Coast, all you have to do is go a little North and your in the fields. About 45 minutes from our small town there is another small town called Magnolia Springs, AL. Here are beautiful homes, open land, and small town living. During the month of October the Magnolia Corn Maze is open.  
The Magnolia Corn Maze is not just a maze. There are several other activities that are offered at the Corn Maze as well.
Here you can play on the playground and hay, take your pictures with the cutout photo ops, ride a bull (mechanical of course), check out the petting zoo ( I want a goat), Launch Pumpkins at the Pumpkin launcher, race rubber duckies, Horse races, corn shooters, bazooka ball, hayride, pumpkin patch, and refreshments, and at night there is a Zombie Paintball shoot out!

 It really is a lot of fun and not expensive at all. General Admission gets you in the Maze, Petting Zoo, Hay Ride, and gives you some tickets for the other activities.

Of course you can purchase more tickets if necessary and some of the games and mechanical bull require actual money. It was well worth it and we went in under General Admission and had plenty to do.

     The layout and theme of the Maze was the Great State of Alabama! All through out the maze there are signs to different towns through out Alabama and the interstates and main highways in the state.
There are also little dead ends and sites through the field. It was a lot of fun and each year they do a different themed maze so you can keep going back for more and more.

     Check to see if there is a Corn Maze near you. They are great for all ages and a lot of fun for the family. There may even be other activities to enjoy as well like at our corn maze.

     We were also going to check out a Haunted Forrest that is up the road at KOA Campgrounds. We talked to the kids about it first to see if it was something that they would be interested in, they both said Yes. As we got there and got out in the dark, with lights around and a spooky sounds and screams coming from the woods, my six year old daughter decided this was not something she would be doing and was scared. We offered for my husband and son to still enjoy it but they said it wouldn't be fair.(Such gentleman!) We decided to go to the store and get treats and come home and enjoy Beetlejuice.

     Have you and your family had any Fall Fun this October? What was your favorite? The Corn Maze was absolutely my favorite of the activities we have done so far! Hope you find a Corn Maze near you!

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