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Monday, October 21, 2013

Manic Monday - This weekend was rough and scary!



     This past weekend was MANIC. I am actually glad that its Monday and the weekend is over. On Thursday last week, my daughter was sick, and had to go to the doctor. Her doctor thought it was possibly her appendix and she was taken to the hospital. It was probably the scariest thing I had ever been through. My six year old was sick and going to the hospital for her appendix, that's all I could think about. The hospital in either direction for our house is an hour away. When we got there and all tests were ran it was determined she was okay and just had a very bad kidney infection. THANK GOD that my baby was okay and didn't need surgery!

     We were admitted to a hospital we were not familiar with and I was already upset and worried about her and didn't want to have to worry about having a good doctor and her being cared for properly. I was already very impressed with the E.R. staff and the doctor on call. They were very good with her and making sure she not only was being taken care of but that she was happy! When we were able to be moved to her regular room we were greeted by very nice and helpful nurses. They all were wonderful. We had 3 sets of nurses and couldn't have asked for better ones. They all were very helpful and had wonderful bed side manner. I know its their job and what they are suppose to do, however we all know that not everyone takes pride in their job and patients.
     In the Children's side of the hospital all the ceiling tiles are decorated from children who have stayed. This was not only awesome for the kids that were coming into the hospital to see but also gives them something fun to do while they are there. My daughter decorated hers as well! She did a great job and it gave her something "fun" to do while she was there not feeling 100%. This will absolutely be a hospital that we would go to and recommend people to in the area. If you are ever in the Fairhope, AL area and need a hospital, go to Thomas Hospital .  They have a great staff and you will be well taken care of.
     I am so thankful my baby girl is back to her normal happy, silly self! Thanks to her doctor and the doctors and nurses at this hospital.

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