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Sunday, October 20, 2013

15 Days of Halloween - Post #4 Pumpkin Carving

     People have been carving pumpkins for centuries. Carving pumpkins became a tradition associated with Halloween in 1866. It has become a Halloween Tradition also in my household also, we always get a pumpkin and let the kids decorate them and carve them however they would like. This year it seemed like we were never going to be able get pumpkins. We planned to go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze one weekend and a tropical storm came, the next weekend we planned to go and my daughter got sick and we were unable to. 
 On Sunday my daughter was feeling 100% better and we decided to go as a family with  her aunt and cousins to the pumpkin patch and just pick up some pumpkins to carve since she didn't need to be doing a whole lot of running around and playing, a day after being in the hospital for 2 1/2 days. 

                                                                It was such a beautiful day out! 


     We learned a very valuable lesson today as well! Usually we go to one of the local churches that have a Pumpkin Patch and we purchase pumpkins. Generally it seems like a small fortune that we pay for pumpkins but its once a year and supporting a local church. Well, I'm not saying I won't support a local church BUT I am saying that I will never go to a local one for pumpkins. The pumpkins shown here: generally would run us about $40+ for these pumpkins. (Ridiculous, I know) Well this year we went to a local farm near our home, Hillcrest Farm .  They had a very nice Corn Maze, Chickens, a Store with local fresh honey, preserves, salsa, fresh ice cream, and the wonderful pumpkin pumpkin patch. We got all these pumpkins for $22.50. I couldn't believe it, like I said I generally would have spent $40+ for these at a local church. TIP: Find a local farm or a farmers market. They are priced much cheaper, you get a local grown pumpkin, and you support your local farmers and agriculture.
We sure will!
     Of course when you get pumpkins you have to go home and carve them. You can always buy carving stencils at your local store, most generally come with tools. However, they can be priced  unfairly at some. If your on a budget or really don't feel the need to buy a stencil book with 12 stencils to only use 1 or 2 (like us), you can print your own online. If you have a stencil in mind, google it! (ex: hello kitty pumpkin stencil or jack skellington pumpkin stencil) you will be able to print and if you can't save it and print it as a picture! If you need tools, grab a spoon and a knife and get to carving! :) Dad does all of the carving. Kids clean out the pumpkins!

Logan's Pumpkin - Jack Skellington and Laila's Pumpkin -Hello Kitty 

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