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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Art Miller Memorial Team Roping benefiting the Nowata Special Olympics

     Over the weekend while I was in Oklahoma visiting family, I had the wonderful privilege of going to the Art Miller Memorial Team Roping Benefiting the Nowata Special Olympics. It was such a special treat and I was honored to be able to help out with the sales of the t-shirts and sweatshirts. If you had never been to a roping or a rodeo, it should be on your list of to do's. The atmosphere was great, seeing all the horses, steers, horses, cowboy hats, and all the people of all ages out there roping! I can't wait to take my family.

     Nowata Ironmen Special Olympics- Athletes & Stars    is a Non-Profit Organization that was found in 2010 and supports children with intellectual disabilities. All the money that is raised goes to help all these children get to the Special Olympics    held in Stillwater, OK.
The money also goes to the children going bowling in the fall and to a track meet in the Spring that qualifies them for State Games in Stillwater, OK in May. Some Scholarships from Special Olympics Oklahoma are rewarded, but the rest of the money is paid out of pocket.  Nowata Ironmen Special Olympics -Athletes & Stars raise money during the year to pay the out of pocket expenses for the families. It costs about $250.00 per athlete, per year to attend.
The Special Olympics in Stillwater are what the athletes look forward to most, and it's the only time some of the kids get to get out of town to do anything fun. This organization tries really hard to celebrate them and their accomplishments and make sure they have a really great time.

      Dana Robinson, also my wonderful step-mom, came up for the team roping and called on her friend Tom Blagg to help. The Team Roping is held in memory of Art Miller. Art Miller trained roping horses and was a cowboy all his life. Dana grew up with his kids and his daughter Michelle Miller worked in the local school system for many years and is a huge advocate for people with special needs. It only seemed fitting that they joined forces on this project.

     The ropers enter up at $15 each and rope as a team; One heading the steer, and one healing. (If you don't know what this means like I wouldn't have, it means one roping the head of the steer and one roping the heals). Fastest times take home the money. We pay for several places and our team takes 30% This year our take home from the roping was $1605.00. Money is still coming in from our T-shirt & Sweatshirt Sales. It was a great turn out this year, even with us having to reschedule due to the rain when previously scheduled. Thank you everyone that came out to support us.


     If you would like to donate you can send your donation to:

Nowata Special Olympics
C/O Patty Gregston
707 W. Osage
Nowata, OK 74048

Visit their web page and show your support at:

Also Visit the Special Olympics Oklahoma page for more information and to join:


Dana Robinson said...

Wonderful article! Thank you for writing about us!

Dana Robinson said...

Wonderful article! Thank you for writing about us!!!

Tami Kalbrier said...

Dana has told me so much about you! Thank you so much for including us in your blog! This is a great blog post, very detailed and accurate! Thanks for helping us get the word out!

Raised Southern said...

Thank you Dana and Thank you Tami as well! I very much enjoyed myself and love being able to help in any way possible!