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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Techy Tuesdee/Back to School Countdown: Get them prepared and have fun!

 Over the Summer the kids are not focused on remembering all their multiplication tables or perfecting their writing skills, they are solely focused on having fun! Every Summer I try to keep the kids up to date with their studies by using free websites and printables that they can practice on. Now that Summer is coming to a close, we need to practice over the next few weeks, getting back into the rhythm of knowing our multiplication tables and for the little ones knowing their letters, number and how to write again. The kids love to play on the computer, they each have their own login that has a special background that is just for them, and full of icons that take them straight to websites that are approved by us. Also there is parental control set for each of their specific logins. There are many free sites that they can play on and even enjoy their favorite characters while learning.  Here are some sites I love that help me get the kids back on track and fresh for the start of school, and they love them too.
- This site is for K - 5th graders to help them use all their knowledge and practice their skills. The best thing about it is these are interactive games that the kids LOVE. This site has it all! I just checked out the 4th grade games and they have several options; Spanish Word Toss, Synonyms and Antonyms, Spelling Bees Practice, and one that is very important for our children to learn, even in a digital world, The Letter Maker: Learn the 5 parts of a friendly letter. Take a little time and check this one out, even if you do not visit all the rest. This is also a site that is used in my children's school as a game and app for them during free time. I personally hate math, always have! The only thing I can say good about math is that it is where I met my husband, math class. Just kidding, math is very important, even in this day and age where a calculator is just an app away, or the answer a google search away, it's important that our children know how to do math the good ol' fashion way. My son last year was learning Multiplication tables. They offered a water slide party to every student that passed a 50 Multiplication problem test in 3 minutes, with the option to only miss 5. If they didn't work hard to pass it then they didn't get the ticket to go to the water slide party. I had to find something that would help him study and I could time him so he could practice actually taking the timed test, and I stumbled upon this site. You can build the math worksheet to be whatever your student is working on, needs a little more practice, or maybe you home school and just need a math worksheet, this is the site for you. Have a Preschooler? This is the site is surely a site they will love, it is great for preschoolers! It has all their favorite characters on it that they see on television. If you are trying to get your little ones interested in the computer or even an app for the iPad. I would start here. Let Thomas the Tank Engine or Sesame Street & Friends show your little one how technology works, all while learning, and having fun.

-  Of course, this is one of our favorites. It has everything the kids love, from stuff for the little ones to stuff for us parents to plan our magical vacations with our families. This site is nice because the kids can explore everything even the parks, and we don't have to worry. Some of the games are learning games for the kids but some are arcade like. If you are wanting strictly learning games, choose the games your children play, but all the games are kids appropriate here.
-Kids National Geographic      This is my sons favorite. He loves everything about National Geographic. This is a great site for kids to explore and learn things about animals, science, weather, and nature. There is also a special spot for your preschoolers called Little Kids. It has special videos and activities pertaining specifically to the little ones. If you have a subscription to National Geographic, download the app, it makes the magazine interactive, which makes it twice as cool.

     All these sites are fun and great ways to help the kids learn, the math worksheets is a printable site but Math is a subject that needs a lot focus and study, so I prefer a print out where my kids concentrate on just the worksheet in front of them.I am sure there a some helpful math sites out there if you do want a website or interactive game. Hope these help your children get ready for school. Its approaching quickly for us, only 13 days left. When do y'all start school?

** All of the opinions here are mine of these sites and that my family love them. There is no affiliation with any of these sites.

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